Hyperlight Electric offers a wide range of installation and electrical repair services, performed by skilled and experienced electricians. As the customer, your satisfaction is the most important aspect of our business, so we make every effort to meet and exceed all your expectations.

Fully Stocked Trucks

When a Hyperlight Electric service vehicle pulls into your driveway it is fully stocked with a vast inventory that includes enough replacement parts to complete the electrical repair you need. Having the necessary parts allows us to execute your repair in a timely manner, leaving you to enjoy the rest of your day how you want, instead of wasting it waiting on return trips.

Hyperlight Electric Residential Electrician Services

We specialize in a variety of residential electrician services and we can install and repair all types of electrical items in your home, including:

Main Electrical Panels

The main electrical panel is the supply point for all of the electric circuits in your home. We guarantee that your main service and electrical panel replacement projects will be completed in a timely manner, utilizing only quality electrical fixtures and components. In addition, all equipment used will be precise and up to the Ontario Electrical Code and Canadian Electrical Code, as well as meeting the requirements of your City or Township. We back all of our electrical repairs for craftsmanship and installation for a period of 3 years; so if your panel or service gives you any difficulty at any time during that period, we will repair the problem free of charge.


Troubleshooting electrical equipment efficiently and effectively is our specialty. Our skilled technicians use a tried and tested approach that allows them to systematically analyze circuits and other electrical equipment so that they can quickly and accurately determine the exact problem. This allows them to replace only the defective equipment or components in the least amount of time.

Smoke Detectors

Properly placing hard wired smoke detectors throughout your home helps to ensure that in the case of a fire the presence of smoke will be identified quickly. Our licensed electricians have the experience and knowledge needed to install smoke detectors and make recommendations so that you and your family can feel protected from possible fire hazards.


Improve the lighting in your home with professional lighting installation. Lighting options are available in many shapes and sizes, for a wide variety of uses, both inside the home and out. Whether you want to add mood lighting to your dining room or add motion sensor lighting outside your home, we will work with you to provide the most practical indoor or outdoor lighting solutions to meet your individual needs.


Automatic transfer whole house generators instantly restore electricity supply to your home, in the event that the utility power is interrupted from the result of severe weather or troubled transmission lines. We service and install a variety of sizes of Generac Generators, America’s #1 selling generators, to meet your standby generation needs. Never lose power again with a high quality generator.

Surge Protectors

Complete home surge protectors are designed to protect electronic devices from voltage spikes and power surges. We will evaluate your main electrical panel and wiring, make recommendations, and install whole house surge protection. With a high quality complete home surge protector you can rest assured knowing that your valuable appliances and electronics are protected and safe.

Ceiling Fans

A properly installed ceiling fan will help circulate air, improving cooler air flow in the summer and warmer air in the winter, allowing you to adjust the thermostat accordingly. Our skilled electricians will hang your ceiling fan on your existing fan box, or install new wiring, switches and a fan-rated brace box for any area of your home.

Circuits & Wiring

Circuits and wiring make up the system of electrical wires that run from the main electrical panel throughout your home connecting the various outlets and switches. These circuits and wiring must be working properly in order to operate switches, outlets, kitchen appliances and other electrical equipment in designated areas of the home. Worn and loose circuits and wiring are often overlooked. We can repair worn or loose wiring, as well as install new wiring systems when needed; both with the least amount of disturbance to the drywall and paint. In addition, we provide a warranty for your new wiring system.

Our Residential Electrician Guarantee

We want to earn your trust through the committed craftsmanship of our career electricians. When a Hyperlight Electric electrician performs an electrical repair in your home, you can be confident that he or she will honor you and your family with courteous and friendly consideration. Our staff is dedicated to ensuring that we show genuine care for the condition of your home and property, and the well being of your family and pets. You will receive industry-leading guarantees on all work performed, and can rest assured your service will be delivered in a timely manner. You have our guarantee, so contact us today to schedule your residential electrician appointment.